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Lucinda Williams does a great song called Joy. Do you know that one? This song, like most of Lucinda’s, is not gleeful. But she is a blues singer.

One of my friends who teaches poetry workshops told me that he made an assignment once to a group of graduate students. Simply put, he asked everyone to write a happy poem. Not one person turned in the assignment.

Do your poems tend to monopolize one particular emotion? Do you have favorite poems that could be called joyous?


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  1. SB says:

    Summer Solstice
    Sitka 1993
    This day blooms
    under wide meadows
    of sky. We lay
    our sun-stunned bodies
    in constellations
    of clover and buttercups.
    Salmonberry bubbles
    of sweet red light
    break on our tongues.
    Shooting stars
    in the flowerbeds,
    pollen in our sheets.

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