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Hey Aqualung

Big_window_type_aqua I’m on a literary nonfiction kick lately.  Could you recommend a favorite book or two or three?  Thanks. 


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  1. JBH says:

    ‘Like a Fiery Elephant’ a biography of BS Johnson by Jonathan Coe. Makes reading biogs fun again.

  2. Jilly Dybka says:

    eyeing the flash
    fathers playing catch with their sons

  3. Amy says:

    If you like non-fiction presented in a fiction-like narrative, then I’d recommend The Speckled Monster by Jennifer Lee Carrell. It’s about how smallpox innocuation was introduced into Europe and the U.S.
    For biography, I really liked Marie Curie: A Life by Susan Quinn. Curie is one of my lifelong idols, and this book creates a well-rounded portrait of her personal life, her scientific acheivements, and the historical circumstances in which she lived.
    Good luck!

  4. Schumann, The Inner Voices of a Musical Genius by Peter Ostwald. Fascinating bio of a brilliant and troubled composer/poet. Not to mention that whole ménage à trois with his wife Clara and Brahms.

  5. Kay says:

    I have no idea of your tastes, having just dropped in from the OTHER mother, but my contribution is
    Inner Cities, Drusilla Modjeska (ed.)

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