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124 by Danziger

Danziger_124_sep07This week Art MoCo alerts us to the work of Reed Danziger.  Danziger’s mixed media art struck me as my great aunt Tillie’s wallpaper on acid.  I would love to see the actual work because the photo indicates a lot of play with texture.

For more about the artist Reed Danziger, check out her website.


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  1. suzanne says:

    reed danziger is a woman!

  2. Thanks, Suzanne. Fixed it!

  3. Tiel Aisha Ansari and I, Mike McCulley, have created a ‘poetry exchange’ blog at Totally Optional Prompts , and you are invited to participate.

  4. deborah says:

    Wow, this piece is stunning. I could look at it all night. I’ll be going over to visit her website next. Thanks for this!

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