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Octopus 10 Seeks and Rocks

Check out the enormous reach of Octopus 10.  Yes, it’s another great issue of Octopus edited by Zachary Schomburg and Mathias Svalina.  Here’s the lineup:

Hero, Jane Wong, CD Wright, Phil Cordelli, Demosthenes Agrafiotis
translated by John Sakkis and Angelos Sakkis, Paul Fattaruso, Cecily
Parks, Laura Sims, Ada Limon, Anthony Hawley, Karyna Mcglynn, Jessica
Bozek, David Goldstein, Hillary Gravendyk, Christopher Salerno, Martha
Ronk, Lewis Warsh, Geoff Bouvier, Jeff Downey, Matvei Yankelevich,
Juliet Cook, Dorothea Lasky, Linh Dinh, Julie Doxsee, Greta Wrolstad,
GC Waldrep, Vincent Zompa, Cesar Vallejo translated by Rachel Galvin,
Jordan Davis, Sandra Simonds, Emily Kendal Frey, Will Oldham, Hiraide
Takashi translated by Sawako Nakayasu, Caroline Knox, Bronwen Tate,
Allison Titus, Erica Ehrenberg, Cynthia Cruz, Lara Glenum, Brett Price,
Karen Volkman, Laura Mullen, Rob Schlegel, Sara Veglahn, Adam Clay,
Nathan Bartel, Sandra Miller, Brenda Hillman, Robyn Schiff, Tomaz
Salamun translated by Brian Henry, Steve Langan, Cate Peebles, Chad
Reynolds, Sandy Florian, Dave Carillo, DA Powell, Dan Hoy, Daniel
Coudriet, Craig Foltz, Laura Solomon, Eugen Jebeleanu translated by
Matthew Zapruder & Radu Ioanid, Claire Becker, Jason Bredle, Jen
Tynes, Cynthia Arrieu King, Peter Jay Shippy, KC Trommer, Stephanie
Strickland, Susan Cronin, Stephanie Anderson, Michael Ives, Bethany
Wright, Anne Marie Rooney, Shane MacRae, Michael Loughran, Karla Kelsey
& Peter Yumi, Raymond Queneau translated by Rachel Galvin, Heather
Green, Grace Egbert, and Brenda Iijima.

(via International Exchange for Poetic Invention)

[photo by Silent Bright via flickr]


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