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Green Girls Villanelle by Cecilia Pinto

The other one dreaming
flutter, come and whisper
two green girls all deep and meaning

unseen mountains always moving.
If you are her
the other one is dreaming

of white petal pink, flowers seeming
to deep kiss your mouth. Ask them to linger.
Two green girls all deep and meaning

yellow fish flash in the river streaming.
Moss cleaves to stones,  and what do you, what do you
if one was dreaming

of brown wood, blue meadow? See
red deer rut in the open air.
Hear two green girls all deep and meaning

the rain is heavy, wet and clean.
Can you be thicket, be arbor, be bower
to the other one’s dreaming?
Two green girls all deep and meaning.

by Cecilia Pinto

Published in DIAGRAM 8.2

photo by jbartok via flickr

Comet rain by jbartok via flickr


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Delicate and seeing.

  2. Christine says:

    pretty and lythe.

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