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Open 45: Write your own Fortune

Using Frank O'hara's poem as a model, write a poem made up of pseudo fortunes from fortune cookies. Have fun with name-dropping and quirkier-than-thou details.


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  1. Amy says:

    The olive oil from that load of pasta you’re scarfing will drip onto your jeans and make you cranky.
    Consider that your wine glass has not been properly washed. You will drink the chianti anyway.
    You will ruminate on all of the summers of your childhood and be wrong about most of it.
    Your feet are fine.
    The next time you see a movie, a child will offer to share her popcorn. You will decline.
    That lost key you found in front of the sushi shop opens an empty safe.
    The next time it snows, you’ll wake up from a dream filled with ennui.
    You will see magic on the subway today, but no one will understand you.

  2. These are great, Amy. Thanks for getting this started!

  3. joanna smith says:

    You should never eat jelly beans on Tuedays

  4. joanna smith says:

    Happy are those who laugh while crying
    Your favorite old shirt is actually really smelly, no one wants to tell you

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