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Could School Be Cool?

Belien school erika mann elementaryI read about this plan for an elementary school in Berlin on Design Boom.  Here's the scoop:

berlin based susanne hoffmann architects created the 'die baupiloten' program to design innovative school environments. the erika mann elementary school II is one of their latest projects, designed in collaboration with the school’s students. the concept involves an imaginary landscape for the fictitious silver dragon. around this theme the architects create a playful environment that is realized in different areas of the school. the upper floor features a modular seating system  with ‘fire claws’ called ‘the snuffle of the silver dragon’. below, the ‘chill room’ features a landscape of seating pedestals surrounded by petals and the second story features the ‘snuffle garden’ complete with horizontal and slopped surface for sitting and playing.  the landscapes provide the children with unusual environments to play and stimulate their creativity. 

You can read about the firm that designed the school it here.



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