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Beach Study #1 by Colin Jenkinson

Colin jenkinson beach study one from flickr

I like everything I post on Big Window, but for some reason I'm totally ENTHRALLED by these collages by Colin Jenkinson that I found on flickr.  Yes, they are from his "little black books," and No, it isn't even Moleskine Monday. Can't we have moleskine on Friday every now and then?

I thought you might be persuaded. To see more work by this graphic artist from Brighton, UK, click here. 


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  1. Hey! lovely post and praise, many thanks. Came to this via google. That Flickr link is to my personal stream. You can actually see more of my illustration work here:
    Thanks. Top notch site.

  2. I love the sketches of NYC also–Amazing. Thanks for the other link.

  3. Colin Jenkinson says:

    Cool, thanks. They’re being pushed out to some beautiful screenprint posters and will be for sale soon.

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