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Fonder a Care Kept by Heidi Lynn Staples

I was barn. I was razed.

I was mot this flame with no’s sum else blue’s blame noir yearning down the house.

No, it was I and I blank I bandit blather that louse that
fiddle-dee-dee little lame chimera that came as the name yes different.

I wracked my refrain, that blousy souse.

I was bard. I was crazed.

I was dog girl’s shame.

So, I culled my maim. My maze read, you heave to rip rove your aim (she
knock-knocks my nows and raves my here a quickened tousle), spell your
dreams with a big and, and play for the game. I was har. I was phrase.

I was aroused by many’s uttered same.

by Heidi Lynn Staples

from her book Dog Girl (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

Messy hair by miss monster

photo by Jenny Gacy via flickr


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