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Today Pearl’s Teacher Asked That We Send Buttons

Wreck this journal day 4 …. Fill this page with circles
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to school for a counting project. I feel sad that we have no buttons. We are button-less. I wish we did have a whole bunch of colorful buttons, like these, in fact. Regardless of your status (button-wise or otherwise) this Sept. 14th, 2009, let me be the first to wish you: Happy Moleskine Monday.


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  1. Susan says:

    We have buttons because I ordered a box of buttons from Hearthsong (and add to it whenever I find random buttons around). It is fun to have buttons.

  2. Hearthsong does have cool stuff. I”ll check it out. Having buttons might be
    THE answer, I’m starting to think.

  3. Mary says:

    So sorry you are buttonless. When they were little, my daughters used to love to play with a tin full of fancy buttons my mom kept for them. Aaah, memories. I will begin to collect some and give them to Marcia!

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