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The Art of Chess

What if artists were asked to make chess sets that were art, i.e. original and expressive. What might happen is this:

Check out this story on DesignBoom that¬†explores this proposition. My favorite chess sets are the ones by Rachel Whiteread and Barbara Kruger. If you’re in Milan, you can see them all!


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Open 100: The 100 Word Poem

Tomorrow is Pearl’s 100th day of school, a big holiday in Kindergarten, I am realizing. She wrote a 100 word poem for the 100 Museum, and I’m going to do one too, although it won’t get to be in any museum. If you’d like join us–and I hope you will–please leave a link in the comment section. Ready? Write.

[photo by Leo Reynolds via flickr]

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Eat my Shorts

Remember Bart Simpson’s famous words from the 90s?  Of course you do.  Here’s an irreverent exerciseBart_simpson
for poet bloggers.  Check out the surrealist machine called The Eater of Meaning.   Type in the URL of your blog and start the engine.  The results are a cut-up version of your blog.  For example, the heading of my Ashbery story below turned into:  I Wandering my Housewife Daydreams.  Add your favorite distorted headline as a comment.  Or write a new poem using that phrase as the title or first line.

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DIY Keith Haring

It’s the weekend.¬† Have fun making your own Keith Haring art.

Okay, technically it’s for kids, but big brother’s not watching. Not that I know of, at least.

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Open 5

Here are eleven new words for you to play with today.


If they capture your imagination, add your writing in the comments section below.

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