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Street Art for a Cause

Gaia-street-art-audubon-mural-project Endangered Harlem by Gaia, photo by Tara Murray[/caption]

This weekend in NYC my friend AQ and I took a slow bus through Harlem. We got to see some of the endangered bird murals sponsored by the Audubon Society. I’d read about the Audubon Mural Project, but it was fun to search for them out the window of the M4.

Pinyon Jay by Mary Lacy (Audubon street murals)

Pinyon Jay by Mary Lacy (Audubon street murals)

Here’s a story about the project from the New York Times. For a great set of photos by Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky, check out the Street Art NYC blog. The art is done by well-known grafitti artists such as ATM, Gaia, Hitness, and Iena Cruz. The Audubon Mural Project now depicts over 300 species of birds that are identified as either endangered or climate-threatened by the Audubon Society. On their site you can find a map of some of the murals in Upper Manhattan.


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Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space

There are so many ways to learn about our world. Take, for instance, Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space, an awesome children’s book about the galaxy.

With writing by quantum computer scientist Dominic Walliman and designed and illustrations by Ben Newman, this is a wonderful way to make discoveries. Science should be a revelation of wonders, and this book delivers.

Just to give credit where credit is due, I found this book via Brain Pickings, a blog by Maria Popova that shares super wonderful content on a daily basis.

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The Inner Light of Jellyfish

Last week Oliver Sacks shared these jellyfish on twitter. The underwater photos are taken by Alexander Semenov, a Russian biologist. So beautiful! [via  Colossal]

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Northern Lights All Night

I’ve never actually seen the Northern Lights so the idea of a glass igloo in Finland seems pretty extraordinary to me. I wonder what kinds of dreams one has in these thermal glass huts at the Hotel Kakslauttanen. [via Home Esthetics]


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From Mars by Matthew Rohrer

We have some sad news
this morning from Mars
the imagination thinks
in phrases but the universe
is a long sentence
according to our instruments
the oldest songs are
breaking apart
like a puzzle in a basement
every so often
we detect the smell
of marshmallows where
there are none the end
cannot be found
in the middle that’s
a dream someone had
that our lives might
have meaning and not
just pop-up advertisements
but we have sad
news this morning
the dream has no
location or direction
and friends separated
by thousands of miles
are thinking of each
other simultaneously
but they have no idea
and we have no way
to reach them

by Matthew Rohrer

published in Destroyer and Preserver

republished in Verse Daily

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On the perilous effects of buried alien spacecraft by peter jay shippy

They told me, fetch the jawbreaker

They told me, take down the wash

They told me, any day now, any day

They told me, one book?—as good as another

They told me, ’til someone loses an eye

They told me, gravity is deafening

Nancy, they told me, Nancy with the laughing face

They told me, just flour water and sea salt

They told me sometimes a rave

They told me sometimes a dove

They told me, they told me

They told me, blow skyward

They told me, stars across the knife

by Peter Jay Shippy
published in Diode

photo by lastplak_artworks

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You Can Count On Me

from Susan Connor’s design blog, Hey Susy

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Oil Fields and Open Spirals by Mona Marshall

Newwork-oilfield by mona marshall

Visions of weathering the Texas gulf coast abound in this artwork, and the encaustic medium adds extra drama. Check out more amazing new work by Mona Marshall here.   Newwork-eyesshut by mona marshall

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Look a Little Closer

incremental infusion
Originally uploaded by reneedjohnson

As I understand it, most of Renee Johnson's newest gorgeous abstract designs are magnified fingerprints. Pretty cool, yes? You can find out more about her and her work on her blog.

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Music Machine, Powered by Rain


The funnel wall at the Kunsthofpassage in Neustadt, Germany, changes rain into symphony.

(via Make Magazine)

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The Art that Is the Earth

Recently I stumbled upon a NASA sponsored blog called Earth as Art.  In it the blogger presents Landsat 7 satellite photos of earth taken from outer space and viewed as art.This photo is Rio Negro, the largest tributary of the Amazon in Brazil. You can view land and water formations using a map. I like it.


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Strange Bike Collection

If you like unusual bicycles, check out this piece on the Design Boom blog. It’s very fun. Treadmill bike design boom These examples are the wobble bike (above) and the treadmill bike (below).
Strange bike 30 design boom

[via Design Boom]

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Clouds That Wow

Mammatus cloudCheck out the ten clouds with the most wow at Cool Stuff.

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by aikoto via Flickr

From the official Blox website:

What are Bloxes?

Bloxes are building blocks made of interlocking pieces of corrugated cardboard, folded together. Their unique shape and structure make them exceptionally strong and lightweight .

Check out their website for more information.


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New at Rhizome: Rhizome!

Strange_attractos_by_nathan_selikofRhizome has rolled out a great redesign of its website.  This example of artwork by Nathan Selikoff is derived from mathematical formulas. 

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