Big Window

a quick glimpse of something beautiful

Water Tectonics

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In the Wind , Moleskine Monday

In the wind , Mini moleskine page 11
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This man's journals inspire me, even on a Monday.


Pulse (above)
Molecular Intelligence (below)


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The Postman

The postman
Originally uploaded to flickr by Yubai K

This photo might inspire those of you working on the Open 47 writing exercise (above), which asks you to write about light.

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Rev up for another Moleskine Monday

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Abstract (Blue) (Sculpture)

Abstract (Blue sculpture)
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How Writing Begins

Pearl note to gram pop 1208

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Carpe Moleskine

Carpe Moleskine, originally uploaded by Nathanael.Archer.

via flickr

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There’s No Place LIke It


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Boredom Produces Nonsense

  Originally uploaded to flickr by implikacja

Yes, it’s moleskine Monday again.  Open up your notebook and write down some noise.

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The Edge of Sleep

  The Edge of Sleep 
  Originally uploaded to flickr by Ashψ

Here’s something beautiful to accompany Robin Becker’s poem.

I like the photographer’s comments on the picture: "Sometimes late at night, when you are falling asleep in front of the
television, the world slows down and the colours blur. This is what
that looks like…"

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Abandoned Ship, Lisbon

Originally uploaded by pedro vidigal

Photo by Pedro Vidigal

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A Splash

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Yes, Moleskine Monday

  you are loved 
  Originally uploaded by luckyfish

You are loved.  And look out for mega-love fest on blog reader appreciation day this coming Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

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To Run through String

Running through strings
Originally uploaded by louiskim

Another great photo by Louis Kim taken at the Museum of FIne Arts Houston.

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Belated Moleskine Monday

  sour is a photo iginally uploaded to flickrby amritainbrooklyn

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