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A Field Guide to Fanciful Bugs

New Must-See VisPo


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Avantacular in Orbit

New visual poetry from Avantacular

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Twig Alphabet

This is from Geof Huth’s blog DBQP.  It’s an alphabet made of winter twigs.  In case you don’t know Geof, he’s the EmCee of VisPo.

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Consonant Clusters

Check out a new vispo ezine by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen called Consonant Clusters. In this ezine he publishes some of his own work (as in the example below) as well as other visual poets from around the world. It's a great blog.


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Toon Tune by Gustave Morin

This is part of a series of post on Visual Poetry that Geof Huth did for the Poetry Foundation.  Here's an excerpt about Gustave Morin's fun example of VisPo:

Gustave Morin's primary form is the collage poem. His "toon tune" is a
remarkable piece of craftsmanship. Its sixty-three individual fragments
of text are cut into the shapes of jigsaw puzzle pieces and are fit
perfectly together in a rectangular grid. The "words" of the poem
consist almost entirely of the extravagant visualizations of
onomatopoeia from comic books, producing a visual symphony of crashes
and cries.—Geof Huth


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Typography + Geography by Ork


Here's something really cool: map meets visual poetry. Check out the complete collection at Ork Posters.

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Reply by Susana Gardner


by Susana Gardner

published in Coconut 14

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PUFF by William Wondriska

Today I read on the blog Grain Edit about a picture book from the 60s called PUFF by William Wondriska, which seems similar in plot (although I haven't actually read it) to The Little Engine That Could. What a cool integration of text into illustration.  Plus I like orange!

Img_1047puff mountain

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FLUXUS Lives: Rail Track by Litsa Spathi

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Jeebonjuddho (Struggle of Life)

jeebonjuddho (Struggle of Life), originally uploaded to flickr by Samit Roy.

New visual poetry by Samit Roy, originally published in Otoliths, Issue 11.

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Static Occurence by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

—-, originally uploaded to flickr by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (static_occurrence).

More beautiful work by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen from his blog, Machine Language.

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The Constellation of Manhattan as Seen from the Palisades

Distorted manhattan by jurek d. via flickr

Check out this awesome pair of companion poems by Geof Huth from his blog,

dbqp: visualizing poetics

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Sound Filled my Ears which Seemed

Grandmany gladly vispo by dusie press

To see more work by Dusie Press, check out her store on Etsy.

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Vispo to Go

Visual poetry by Stephen Johnson, uploaded from flickr.
[IMG_0802, originally uploaded to flickr by skarmj.]

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Vispo to Go


Anti- enters the world of Visual Poetry this month featuring the work of Michael Basinski.

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