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Nina Chanel Abney

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A recent article in the Huffington Post asks 21 contemporary artists what it will be like to be practicing during the Trump presidency. Nina Chanel Abney, whose work already boldly addresses issues concerning human rights, police brutality, and Black Lives Matter, sees the upcoming era as demanding more. Much more. In the interview, Abney asserts:

“Artists should not be safe. We are in the unique positions, through our respective mediums, to elicit a response without using violence or direct action. Why not push the boundaries?”

Abney is know for her courageous confrontations of social injustice. She was refered to as one of the “Next Irascibles” by Paper Magazine. Abney’s first solo show, Royal Flush, opens on Feb. 16, 2017, at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University.


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Crocheting the Way: Meet Olek

Art happening on the NYC subway

Olek is an artist. What is her art? Well, it’s called  knit graffiti, yarn bombing, or urban knitting . It makes us take a second look. Or perhaps a 30 second look. New York City-based artist Agata Oleksiak (known as Olek) uses crochet in bold colors to make her statement. (via Web Urbanist)

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Art Cars Go Upscale: Jeff Koons Meets BMW

BMW commissioned artist Jeff Koons to art up a BMW. Here it is. Read more about in at Design Boom.

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Art Car Parade, Houston, Texas

Great photo by Cuong T Tran of the annual art car parade.

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